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Commercial Services

Your customers are important to you, and the last thing you want to do is inconvenience them with your building maintenance.  At Enhance Power Washing, we work to your schedule preventing any inconvenience to you or your customers. We are happy to provide our services to you at weekends or evenings if this is your preference.

Warehouse Cleaning

Whether external cleaning or internal cleaning Enhance Power Washing has the necessary equipment to handle both.  If you have a troublesome area inside your warehouse we are able to clean, while containing our water to the effected area.  This allows your employees to carry on with their tasks, with minimal disruption and avoids the need for you to have to have someone on premises outside of your normal hours.

Parking Decks

No job too big, this usually refers to parking structures!  Our commercial grade power washing equipment allows us to clean large areas at a faster pace than most, without reducing the quality of the cleaning.

Fleet Washing

You provide your drivers with a uniform, usually a shirt with your company name and logo.  The same logo you had added to your company vehicles, which receive regular maintenance - but does your fleet receive regular cleanings? 

Regular cleanings help a wrap or vinyl logo last longer and clean, well kept vehicles, give your customers as much confidence in your services as your logo wearing employees do.

Neighborhood / HOA

Play equipment, road signs, sidewalks, entrance monuments, boundaries walls and fences are just a few of the items Enhance Power Washing regularly cleans for Home Owner Associations.  Our capacity to carry over 500 gallons of water gives us the advantage of being able to clean areas of a neighborhood that do not have a nearby water source available. Additionally, while working in neighborhoods we are happy to provide the residents with discounted rates.  

Maintenance Contracts

Squeezing all of your required cleaning into a short period once a year can be costly, and may only last a few months depending weather, use and other factors.  Enhance Power Washing is happy to provide commercial clients with hourly contracts, whereby we provide a set number of hours every month and clean to an agreed schedule.

Additional Equipment

Although our soft washing equipment allows us to keep our feet firmly on the ground and still clean at height, many commercial structures are far higher than residential and so we must use a lift to successfully clean a commercial building.  If this is the case we will require a deposit prior to the project starting in order to obtain suitable lifting equipment.  

Specialized Cleaning Solutions

Commercial buildings can take a beating and on occasion the marks left behind require cleaning solutions we do not regularly carry.  The cost of cleaning solutions in built into Enhance Power Washing's price, if a large quantity of a specialized cleaning solution is required to achieve the best possible result then partial payment will be requested prior to the work beginning to cover the purchase of a sufficient quantity.

Want more information?

If you have a question about our commercial services, would like to discuss a quote or maintenance contract simply complete the contact form and we will be happy to help.